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The Kasisi Children's Home is situated about 30 kms from Lusaka, capital of Zambia.

The Home was established in 1928 by Sisters of the Polish congregation 'The little servants of Maria Imaculata'. To this very day they have been looking after 'their' children with much love and care.

What began in 1928 with 8 children, has now become a well-organized orphanage that offers a loving home for 250 children. 10 Sisters, assisted by 50 'Mums' (as the children call them), offer 24 hour, round the clock care for the children. Each group of about 8 children has its own 'Mum', who is always nearby, day and night.

In this loving and inspiring environment, children grow up to become well-educated, responsible young people capable of contributing to their society in a meaningful way. All children attend school. They stay at Kasisi Children's Home until they find themselves a job.

Over the past three years the number of children at Kasisi has grown substantially, due to the combined effects of poverty and AIDS. Increasingly, families are no longer able to take care of orphaned children, as used to be common practice. Nowadays, even babies of only several weeks old are being abandoned at Kasisi.

The Kasisi Children's Home accommodates as many children as possible, but also attempts to place children back into their own families. In co-operation with the Zambian Social Services, the Home also arranges adoption of children.

Obviously, the care for 230 children, from the stage of helpless baby until the moment they can support themselves, is an enormous and demanding task.

The Kasisi Children's Home grows mealies (maize) on its own plot of land. The mealiemeal thus produced is sufficient to feed the children for about three months. The rest has to be purchased.

The Home also has its own vegetable garden, some fruit trees and 155 chickens. This provides a good supply of vitamins, minerals and proteins. These days, however, the yields are insufficient to feed all the mouths, and additional produce must be purchased.

Vegetables, peanuts and bananas are bought daily, mainly from women from nearby villages. They are often paid with old clothes which they sell in turn.

Clothes and bedding of the smallest children have to be washed every day. Milk powder for the babies, washing powder and electricity are a heavy drain on the budget.

The children's education is another financial burden. All children from the age of 5 attend primary school, and thereafter secondary school. Both schools are only a few hundred metres away from the Children's Home. For the elder children attending secondary school, the Home has to pay school fees. Which is on top of the expenses for school uniforms, learning materials such as books, pens etc, and, of course, (expensive) shoes…

After having completed secondary school, the children follow vocational training which prepares them for specific jobs, that is, if a sponsor is found. At the moment, two of Kasisi's children are even attending university.

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